Interview: Chad Thompson – Author of “Loving Homosexuals As Jesus Would

I read this book soon after it was published. It released me to love those in my life who are gay and it also grounded me in a biblical understanding of homosexuality. The prescription for the response of the church toward those who are struggling with same-sex attraction is spot-on. I’m delighted to re-blog this post from a blogger that I admire and an author who gives me an example of godly living.

Same-Sex Attractions

Chad Thompsonfrom My Recommended Reading List (Part 2 of 12)

One of my goals for this blog in 2013 is to spotlight my “Recommended Reading List”. “Loving Homosexuals As Jesus Would: A Fresh Christian Approach” is the selection for February. To view the complete list of my favorite books on the subject of same-sex attractions, click this link. . .My Recommended Reading List

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t agree with every single idea, concept or thesis discussed in every book on my list. But each selection contributes insight and understanding to the subject.


A quick acknowledgement before we start.Try not to judge this book by its cover. Literally. The term “homosexual” has pretty much fallen out of favor when used in reference to a person. In addition to being obsolete, it is also offensive to many in the LGBT community. In your interactions…

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3 thoughts on “Interview: Chad Thompson – Author of “Loving Homosexuals As Jesus Would

    • The principle of “Whoever loves first” is so critical. Especially if love means sacrifice and faithfulness for the benefit of the one who is experiencing same-sex attraction. Very grateful for your post and your blog. Grace, peace, and strength to you, friend.

      • I hope more people will rediscover this book and apply the counsel offered. It’s a shame too many Christians react or speak up only when the political, public policy and legal debates show up in the news headlines. EVERYONE knows someone who is confused, lonely and scared.

        If churches and individual Christians aren’t discerning and proactive (as we are commanded to be), if we don’t get involved and love successfully in practical and tangible ways – someone else WILL love them first. Where is our passion and compassion? The transparent, genuine, walking alongside and burden-sharing type relationships? Living out real life – everyday?

        Thanks again for helping us all understand and be more understanding!

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