War on Men

War on men? Yup.

Suzanne Venkner’s Fox News opinion piece “The War on Men” is garnering great attention in the blogosphere.  I agree with, and cultural trends seem to affirm, many of her conclusions.  The climax of her article is this statement.  “But what if the dearth of good men, and ongoing battle of the sexes, is – hold on to…

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ISO bigot Christians

Someone discovered my blog today using the search terms “Questions to ask bigot Christians.” I don’t think I’ve personally met a Christian bigot.  I am honored to commune with some of the most caring, intellectual, and self-sacrificing Christ-followers.  Many, perhaps a majority, of us have a parent, uncle, brother, sister, cousin, co-worker or dear friend…

sifting wheat

The Sifting- Part 2

In the Sifting-Part 1, we looked at how the early church grew and thrived despite persecution.  After Christianity was legalized, the word Christian became meaningless because lukewarm believers joined the church and used the title of “Christian” for political or monetary gain.  I believe this scenario is playing itself out in reverse today in America.  Here’s how:…


The Sifting- Part 1

“Satan has asked to sift you as wheat.  But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your strength may not fail.”  Luke 22:31-32 Did you feel the earth shift on election night?  Something foundational has given way.  Liberals and conservative bloggers and commentators all seem to sense that a great change is upon us. We…


Best Wishes? Seriously?

A few of you have been a little bewildered by my most recent post, “Best Wishes.”  Please allow me to explain. First, I was being completely serious.  It’s easy to read snark into the written page- that is where the cyber world falls dreadfully short of the face-to-face ideal.  But I assure you, I was…


Best Wishes

For all the supporters of R-74: Congratulations.  I wish for you all the fullness that this life has to offer.  I pray for depth of relationship, sweetness of abiding peace, and a taste of the greatest love that this life can know. Warmly, theBigot

Debt Paid

Redemption Waits

“Don’t try and interview me.  Because there are a lot of things in my life that I don’t want to talk about,” she had told me before we met for coffee.  And yet, here she was pouring out the details, horrible heart-breaking details, of the choices she had made and the gut-wrenching fall-out.  What to…