Best Wishes

For all the supporters of R-74:


I wish for you all the fullness that this life has to offer.  I pray for depth of relationship, sweetness of abiding peace, and a taste of the greatest love that this life can know.




3 thoughts on “Best Wishes

  1. I sure wish I understood your comments to the Gay people who I guess have now joined the “normal?” people. I cannot give them any congratulations for the one more step they have taken backwards in our Christian world. Yes, I can understand praying for them and then trust in GOD to keep this new situation under his control. I am not worried about our GOD doing the right thing in this situation. I am not sure it would do any good to just QUIT VOTING in our society, but I sure feel like our country is in deep trouble and our only hope is in GOD. I will continue to pray to GOD that he continues to control our future.

    Unless I have totally missunderstood what our society and the State of Washington has done, is allow SAME SEX MARRIAGE and have also Legalized people to use former ILLEGAL DRUGS without much control, if any. GOD OUR LORD PLEASE HELP US!!!! I will stop my comments now, because I am unable to control my thoughts any longer, tonight. GOD HELP US ALL!!!! I pray the LORD will come soon and swiftly. I am ready to leave this world now..

  2. Thanks for your comments, Harold. I am concerned too, on many fronts, for our country. I know this land is nearly unrecognizable in several ways from the place where you grew up. It will either drive Christians to apathy and isolation, or we can seek God on how He wants to use us as salt and light.

    Jesus lived during a period of extreme corruption, immorality (in the Roman culture), and government oppression and yet He was compelling because He was full of truth, engaged in the lives of people across the cultural/economic spectrum, and He was relevant. We must be transformed into the image of Christ now more than ever.

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