No go, Bro. (Texas House Approves Abortion Restrictions)

Here. Have a little taste of the sons we are raising in the wake of Free Love. Mr. Ben Sherman (I add Mr. to be absurd. Ben is clearly no Man) has provided us with the most self-interested, juvenile, pathetic argument for unrestricted abortion in the history of pro-infanticide. His mom would be so proud.

On July 3, Ben Sherman wrote Bro-Choice: How #HB2 Hurts Texas Men Who Like Women.  His big idea was that “radically” restricting abortion by requiring abortion clinics to have hospital-level facilities and outlawing abortion after 20 weeks (because having your limbs ripped into little, more easily disposable pieces easier-for-men-abortionhurts, even at that age) “hurts men who like women.”  His four main points:

1.      Your girlfriend’s life will be in danger if she can’t get an abortion.  Hey Ben, guess what?  Abortions, even the “safe and legal” brand, may be more dangerous for women than carrying a child to term.  There are a myriad of potential complications with abortions and a increased likelihood of long-term physical, mental, and emotional damage.  This is just a red herring to distract from his real reason. I have saved that one for last but you can jump ahead if you must. See you at number 4.

2.      Your freedom to choose is at stake too – “do you want that decision made for you by politicians in state government?” Hey Ben.  You had the “freedom to choose” already.  Let me tell you a little something about sex.  Physiologically, it doesn’t happen if the guy doesn’t want it, understand?  There are times when sex is forced on women.  But sex, and therefore pregnancy, is never forced on men.  Your opportunity to “choose” has passed.

3.      You want to decide when and if to have kids. “Even if you want to have kids, you probably don’t want an accident to make you a father before you’re psychologically ready and able to care for a child.”  Hey Ben. ACCIDENTS are no fault. Did you accidentally slip, and have your penis land in the woman who was unfortunate enough to break your fall?  This reasoning may be beyond your grasp but, if you can make a baby, you are physiologically ready for fatherhood. Obviously that doesn’t mean you are emotionally mature enough to make the daily sacrifice involved in supporting a child and her mother.  Maybe this bill will force your emotional maturity to catch up with your physiological urges. Gosh, MAYBE you will need to man up and consider the consequences of your actions. Unless you slip and fall. Then perhaps you can just sue her?

4. Your sex life is at stake. “Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? …don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.”  Hey Ben.  BRO!  Sex is not solely recreational and women’s bodies don’t exist to serve your every-72-hours-discharge needs.  Sex has life-creating properties, and this bill will make it harder for you to separate that reality from your weekend hook-ups.

(An aside. LADIES. You are a fool to chance a lifetime connection with a man-child of this caliber. You and your future children deserve MUCH better.  Free love has done so much damage to women and children. Sex without consequences makes us women exactly what we claim we don’t want to be. Objectified, disrespected and used.)

Unfortunately for you, Bro, the Texas House approved HB2 this morning.  Much to the silent rejoicing of the in-utero babies created in your “relationships with women that may have lasted anywhere from a few minutes to many years,” you might now have to act like a real man by living for someone other than yourself. Or perhaps, at least, stop treating women as sperm depositories.

I know that this legislation puts your Peter Pan lifestyle at risk.  But look at the bright side.  If your sexual expression is limited by this legislation, you could always move to one of the 49 states where unfettered infanticide paves the way for your never-ending, hedonistic sexual “freedom and choice”.

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  1. Just “Buffered” this. It’ll be on my twitter feed and facebook page tomorrow. I’ve often wondered how feminist women could be pro-abortion when all it does is make it easier for men to “love’em and leave’em”. That doesn’t seem empowering; that seems demeaning.

    • No kidding, Cliff. Like sex is the greatest thing that women have to offer to a man. It defies logic, and yet is widely accepted.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing.

    • why is it that anti-choicers hold to the delusion that abortions are all about birth control? expand your minds, people, there are more reasons for this terrible but sometimes necessary choice than any of you seem to realize. if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one, but please keep your choices out of my body.

      • Hi Xilab. Thanks for the comment. I agree with you. People choose abortion for many reasons. I met one woman a couple months ago who chose abortion and it was not a situation where she was using it as birth control. And she was wracked with loss over her decision.

        In terms of the frequency of using abortion as a method of birth control, an Alan Guttmacher Institute survey found that nearly one-half of women obtaining abortions said they used no birth control method during the month they got pregnant. Add to this the fact that, at most, only five percent of all abortions are done for the mother’s physical or psychological health. Rape and incest are cited as reasons for less than 1% of all abortions. Nationally, 82% of women obtaining abortions are unmarried. These statistics strongly suggest abortion is often used as birth control.

    • Because the choice to have an abortion isn’t really about correcting an oopsie you made with some random. There are lots of people–because sometimes it’s the choice of a couple, not just some poor ignorant woman–who elect to have abortions. Also, no one is pro-abortion. No one. I don’t know a single person in the pro-choice movement who wakes up in the morning, gearing to get herself preggers for an abortion. Why? Because it is a HARD DECISION for anyone, something no one ever takes lightly, rather than an easy walk down to your local clinic with five hundred dollars clenched in your mani’d palm and plans for cocktails after, which I know everyone and their aunt in the pro-life movement likes to insinuate. Ever heard the song “Brick” by Ben Folds Five? It’s not a political statement, but rather discusses a really difficult choice for anyone. It’s sad. It’s horrible. It’s difficult. But let’s not oversimplify something pretty complicated, because if it was as simple as you make it, then we’d have a majority consensus. And we don’t.

      • Thanks for your comments, Elk. Indeed, there is no one demographic or life-situation that *always* or *never* will seek an abortion. It presents itself in every race, age, and relationship status (though there are some life-situations that send the bulk of women to their local abortion clinic). And I do not doubt that it is usually one that presents distress or worry for the mother, and sometimes the father as well. I have walked with friends (in many stations of life) who have faced it- some who chose life and others who chose to abort. Those who chose to continue with the pregnancy face the discomfort and sacrifice of pregnancy and recovery. Those who choose to terminate their child’s life live with other short and long-term consequences, many of which are difficult to measure. If you are talking about the toll that it takes on the mother (and father) then the physical and emotional strain may seem like a toss-up.

        But if we are talking about a *child’s life*, the situation is difficult still, but we are not talking about simply a “choice,” we are talking infanticide. We are talking state-sanctioned holocaust.

        So I put it to you- what makes it a “hard decision” as you put it?

  2. Interesting. I heard the news far and wide, loud and clear, when this bill was put down by the “brave” state senator who filibustered for 11 hours, but, now that it’s passed, I haven’t heard a peep. ???
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Oh. About Mr. Sherman, the only “men” he speaks for are slugs. Putting him and his ilk in the category of ‘men’ is too much of a stretch.

    • Good men are becoming more and more rare. I am grateful the men in my church who are stepping in to fill the gaps. Who are molding the next generation of men into those who have a protective and sacrificial love for women and children. But I agree, a man is one who takes responsibility for others, and Mr. Sherman doesn’t seem interested in that task.

  3. Ask Me,
    Great job, you go! Real women would never settle for that kind of man 🙂 . If we only knew how to respect ourselves in the first place it would end the need for most, if not all abortions. We ladies can be pro choice, it’s called keeping your pants zipped up. If he loves you he can marry you, if it’s not worth that to him, let him go. 🙂

    • You said it, girl. Love is the demonstrated willingness to sacrifice for someone else. Christian married love is the commitment to do that for life.

  4. It’s interesting that you make the assumption that only men would want abortions, and women who have them are only doing so for men. There are plenty of empowered women who have opted for one. Also, it’s silly to say that legislation is going to make creeps like Ben “man up” and become reliable, present, supportive fathers. We will just end up with tons more of the situations that you detest the most- fatherless households. And the Conservatives who are so tired of paying welfare and food stamps and supporting others via taxes will be doing much more of exactly that. I hope women’s health doesn’t suffer too much as a result. Ideally, nobody would have unwanted pregnancies or terminate one, but when you’re dealing with imperfect humans and people who don’t have the same values as you, we should be working with what is. Not what we wish would be.
    P.S. In Buddhism, we recognize that all life has value and all beings can suffer. I always think it’s interesting when people who kill bugs and pests in inhumane ways instead of moving them freak out about abortion. Or people who eat factory-farmed meat. Those animals live painful, torturous lives to satisfy our cheap, selfish wants. If you are truly trying to limit suffering, you would not do that. I know in other religions humans think they are above animals, but we respect all life. Animals can feel pain exactly like humans, so if it’s the murdering part people are worried about, they should be consistent.

    • Sarahdoggerblogger, this post was a response to an article written by a man speaking specifically to the perceived impact of the Texas bill on his sex life. There is no assumption on ATB’s part as to the desire for abortions applying only to men. The Texas bill may not make men like Ben “man up” but it will make it less likely that men like Ben will be indulged in their pursuit of casual sex . That is actually a good thing as Ben’s genes are clearly from the shallow end of the pool. As a conservative I agree, I do not want to pay for all the services you list as it is a violation of my rights, however killing people is not an acceptable option to avoid doing so. Two wrongs don’t make a right, civil or otherwise. As you claim to be a Buddhist I am surprised you don’t see that clearly. After all in your own words ” In Buddhism, we recognize that all life has value and all beings can suffer. I always think it’s interesting when people who kill bugs and pests in inhumane ways instead of moving them freak out about abortion”. Yet YOU don’t freak out about abortion? How do you rationalize that? As to the murder of animals, maybe you are correct but I’ll start my war on murder with my own species, sorry call me a speciest if you must.
      P.S. for the record I and my family consume one cow, one pig and one sheep annually. These animals are humanely raised locally and slaughtered humanely. Sorry but we don’t all fit your convenient to dislike paradigm.

      • Hewhoshallnotbenamed. So great to have you on asktheBigot. I appreciate your response, as the root cause of the major social issues is not a lack of “freedom” to choose abortion but rather a general aversion to impulse control and the idolization of instant gratification. All of the money that we pour into social programs cannot make up for the maturity and health wrought by having an in-tact home. If we really had an interest in curbing abortion, we would go with the non-government approach: emphasizing sex within committed marriage alone. But alas, we love our “freedom” too much to encourage such draconian philosophies.

      • You’re ignoring the fact that abortion–whether you believe it or not–is sometimes done to preserve the mother’s life. Many pro-choice men and women embrace life, starting with where it begins, believing that there are myriad reasons why women choose to terminate a pregnancy. Sorry, but we don’t all fit your convenient immoral fornicator paradigm.

  5. hewhoshallnotbenamed. Deep end of the pool genetic material right there ladies. Smart is sexy.

  6. Ms. Sara,
    If only the world view about not killing bugs were practical. I can’t even begin to imagine some of the houses I’ve lived in if I hadn’t killed every brown recluse spider. It makes me shudder to think how often they may have bitten me or mine. Also making a human baby equal to an animal, spider or rattlesnake definitely is beyond my comprehension.

  7. I think hewhoshallnotbenamed is right on target. It’s easier to make generalizations (like conservatives think only men want abortions and that we delight in the torture of animals) than it is to respond thoughtfully and with consideration that maybe ATB is trying to make this place a better world for everyone, just like sarahdoggerblogger thinks airing her views will do the same.

    It’s not empowered women who get abortions, it’s brain-washed women who get abortions. Empowered women rely on God, their family and their fellow man to work with nature to make the womb a safe and nurturing place for a beginning life. Empowered women don’t make themselves readily available to be used and disposed of. Empowered women don’t let others, male OR female, tell them a lie….that you can choose your life over your child’s without serious harm to yourself and to the child.

    As for the animal/human debate, again, don’t make assumptions. As hewho…. shows, it’s possible to care for animals and be pro-life at the same time, assuming all things are equal. That doesn’t seem like it should be such a leap, IMO. It’s similar to how I would react if everyone on my street was being threatened. I would save my family first…..they are my direct and personal responsibility. I would work as hard as I could to save others while not neglecting to keep my family safe. It is my direct and personal responsibility to fight for human life. It is also my responsibility to fight for humane animal treatment to the best of my ability after the primary responsibility is addressed. That is why, if you were to review my charity donations, you will see support for pro-life causes as well as support for animal rights. To chastise me for spending my disposable income on human life first instead animals is like chastising me for saving my family instead of my neighbor.

    If you honestly don’t understand why ATB and others would save babies but kill flies, then ask why. Maybe your respectful request will help someone take pause to consider just why they do what they do. Maybe they’ll even change their mind and make the world a better place in the way you think is better. But a snarky, “you don’t make sense and I’m so superior” attitude is guaranteed to only alienate. What is the point of communicating if you are alienating others from your message?

    • Amen, Tisha. Empowered women know that they are worth more than a cheap short-term encounter. Empowered women know that they are worth a guy committing his whole life to her before she has to “give it up.” But our national narrative has told women that liberation means being unfettered by men. Unfortunately that often means doing life and parenthood alone. And then she and her children both lose. May the church arise, and show the world how to bind up the wounds of single mothers and their children. And may we instill in our daughters a self-worth that is not dependent on the attention she would garner from the likes of Mr. Sherman. May our sons understand that maturity is taking responsibility for themselves, and Christian maturity is taking responsibility for others.

  8. Not letting women get abortions will destroy your sex life…wow…just wow. In an age where birth control is easier than ever, it’s clear this guy just wants to cover up unwanted hiccups than actually control himself.

    • I was surprised that he actually said it out loud. Because items 1-3 were a total smokescreen- four is the only legit argument, shallow as it is.

  9. If sarahdoggerblogger is still around, I’m kind of interested in knowing how Buddhism and pro-abortion are compatible ideologies….

  10. So that guy thinks that a primary reason to support abortion is that not letting women have abortions will cause them to not have recreational sex with men. I’m speechless. Why would any woman in her right mind even speak to a man like that, much less have SEX with him? I don’t understand.

  11. I’m struggling with which I want greater… this letter to be read by BRO, or the next post by Mr. R. I think I will hope both make it not only to them but also to the masses. These are two back to back excellent pieces! Well said on both counts.

    • Thanks Mtsweat. I would vote Bro. 😉 His ideology AND words need to change.

      Mr. Robertson on the other hand I think has good intentions. The world has just changed farther and faster than his Christian Coalition mentality can take in, I think.

  12. It definitely should be noted that there is a great disparity between the mental maturity and the physiological maturity. People today, young and old alike have forgotten that the conjugal act is first and foremost the power to create new life. In the modern immature mind, sex is everything, anything, but the act of creating new life.

    • And Amicidigesu nails it. The abortion debate is really a sub-discussion of the real question: what is the purpose and nature of sex. If sex is supposed to be only about pleasure, why should we shackle someone with life-long consequences for an act that was momentary? The abortion argument is based on what pro-aborts want reality to be (that sex is primarily about pleasure) and not what reality IS (that sex exists to give new life.)

  13. Well, it’s a tough call, isn’t it? What is the difference between the 19 weeks plus 6 day old fetus and the 20 week old baby that justifies the Legislatures’ decision? Texas votes for slightly less rather than more infanticide on entirely specious grounds and acts as though it deserves some kind of medal… Bah, Humbug!

  14. I live in Austin so I got to witness some of this at first hand. The mind-boggling thing about all of this is the way the filibuster and the crowd outrage that denied the first attempt at passing the bill was covered. If it has been pro-lifers rampaging in that fashion, all of the media here in Austin and most of it around the country would have held it up as an example of when it would have been okay to suppress free speech. Texans overwhelmingly support this bill, so what you had was a case of a vocal minority (one willing to throw bodily fluids in a horrid temper tantrum if they didn’t get their way) attempting to enforce their will on a majority.

    • I followed one pro-life advocate’s updates of the proceedings Friday. It was shocking the things that the pro-abortionists did (or attempted) in and around that court house. Raunchy and disrespectful. You are right,if the tables were turned, everyone would have heard about how abhorrently the pro-lifers behaved.

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  16. Um… If you read the original piece this post is criticizing, reason #4 is obviously tongue in cheek. He’s joking, folks!

    • Hi Caitlin. Thanks for your comment. Can you point me to where Mr. Sherman indicates that he is joking? Because I don’t see that caveat, and item #4 is the most infallible claim that he makes. Reducing the availability of abortion truly may (should) make people less likely to engage in casual sex.

      • In Ireland a relatively westernized country where abortion is illegal the average number if sexual partners is actually higher than the united states. 11.1 vs 10.7. And in turkey where abortion is relatively restricted the average partners are 14.5. That said tough to tease out correlation vs causation. Also harder to find good data on non westernized or industrialized countries.

        • Truly, it is difficult to make sense of data which accounts for worldwide variables. This study seems to be quite comprehensive, but it compares the US with four other developed nations. This from the abstract:

          “A lower proportion of teenage pregnancies are resolved through abortion in the United States than in the other countries; however, because of their high pregnancy rate, U.S. teenagers have the highest abortion rate. The age of sexual debut varies little across countries, yet American teenagers are the most likely to have multiple partners. A greater proportion of U.S. women reported no contraceptive use at either first or recent intercourse (25% and 20%, respectively) than reported nonuse in France (11% and 12%, respectively), Great Britain (21% and 4%, respectively) and Sweden (22% and 7%, respectively).”

      • Those figures don’t surprise me given the countries of comparison. All have pretty comprehensive sex Ed which is shown to decrease the teen pregnancy rate and thus the overall abortion rate. Honestly if you want less abortion the two best things you could do is fight for access to free contraception and comprehensive sex Ed.

        • That study above says that US teens have high pregnancy rates, the highest abortion rates (of those five countries) and the most sexual partners. This in arguably one of the most sex-saturated cultures today. While I support teaching children and teens how our bodies work and about pregnancy and human development (beginning in the womb) that is not the silver bullet that pro-choice advocates espouse. Real sex ed will emphasize that in your teens and early 20s, women are highly fertile and that birth control is fallible. The solution to lowing teen pregnancy and abortion rates is to be found in fewer (or no) sexual partners.

  17. The idea that consequence free sex leads to women being used and men getting instant gratification is sexist in and of itself.

    It assumes that women can’t enjoy casual sex and aren’t sexual beings themselves.

    • Hi Katerina. You are so right. Women do engage in and enjoy casual sex. If Guttmacher is to be believed, 99% of women who get abortions were involved in consensual sex, so there is clearly an aspect of volition here.

      My remarks were aimed at Mr. Sherman who felt that if the casual encounter held an increased likelihood of long-term consequences for the woman, his sex life would be impacted. It is a selfish position, there’s no way around it.

  18. I take real issue with you assertion that sex is never forced on men. Men are raped. This happens. Sure men cannot get pregnant but I personally have known at least 2 men who were raped as adults.

    • Jamie, you are right of course. Men and boys are raped and because of under-reporting we likely do not know the full scope of that tragedy. My point in the post above was in response to Mr. Sherman’s lament that fatherhood was sometimes “accidental”. When it comes to conceiving children, men are always culpable.

  19. But…abortions are on average less likely to result in complications than delivery. And sex CAN be forced on men.

    • Irishish: Forced rape on men can and does happen. It is just as wrong, just as painful, just as traumatic for a man to be in that situation as for a woman. Why, though, do you feel the need to make that statement? The original post was regarding abortion, not rape. I see Jaime referenced askme’s “assertion” that sex is never forced on men, but I haven’t seen that comment. Where did she assert that sex is never forced on men?

      Also, could you point me in the direction of where I can find statistics showing that abortion has less complications than delivery?

      • Jaime:

        Thank you for addressing the question I posted to Irishish.

        I see that the study you cite does not include the long-term effects of abortion. Do you have any statistics re: this issue and how they compare to the mortality rate among women who elect to give birth?

      • Ask me. Again with this study you can’t equate correlation and causation even tho it is tempting to do so. Women who seek abortion may be more likely to already have mental illness history or a history of intimate partner violence. You have to control for these factors in order to get at the science. And it’s tough for me to take data seriously from a website that clearly has an agenda. Sticking to the scientific research is best. This is a meta analysis of 21 studies that shows a neutral
        Effect at most I’m not discountin your passion on the subject it’s just you really cannot make conclusions from correlation data. There’s quite possibly a lurking variable in there. My guess would be socioeconomic status possible intimate partner violence pre existing mental illness could all be possibilities. I’m big on statistics. Spurious relationship conclusions have led to some big mistakes in terms of medical thought etc.

      • Was able to find the full text of the Finnish study and the researchers full out say that they were unable to control for social economic status and that they suspect that played a huge role in the data.
        Low social class and poor social support have been connected with risk factors for suicide after birth. The risk for postnatal depression is greater for women with low income or with occupational instability,20 21 and puerperal psychoses are more common among young mothers and women with poor social support.5 Social class has also been found to be associated with all mental disorders after an abortion.19 22 Data from the abortion register showed that women in the lowest social class were highly over-represented among women who committed suicide. We did not, however, have complete information on social class in our data. No control group for social class after birth and miscarriage and for the general population was available. In addition, the social class was based only on the mother’s occupation.

  20. Jaime:

    Wondering again if you could reference me the comment where Askme asserts sex is never forced on men? That’s a very interesting perspective. Thanks.

      • Thank you, Jaime. I see it now.

        In all honesty, reading that particular section of the article, it seems to me that Askme was making the point that pregnancy is not forced on men, whereas it certainly can be forced on women. The wording may be at fault, but, IMHO, the intention is clear.

        That being said, there’s not doubt that sex is forced on both men and women.

      • I don’t think it was clear at all. The quote was along the lines that sex physiologically cannot happen if the guy doesn’t want it and that’s just not true. I know enough male survivors who already have so much to work through and it’s compounded by the fact that when many speak of rape they discount the experience of make survivors. Females get the how was she asking for it shame. Men get the this couldn’t happen if you were really a man shame. Generally speaking. I would like for both those stigmas to end.

      • Jaime: We’ll have to agree to disagree on the clarity of Askme’s statement.
        Agreed that the stigma of shame in cases of rape should not exist for the victim.

  21. Here’s the thing, plenty women enjoy sex (gasp!) with men they may not want to spend their lives with, or procreate with, or even see in the morning. This is not degrading, or demoralizing, or wrong — it’s human. If the anti-choice movement devoted even a fraction of the time they spend trying to inflict their so-called “morality” on other adults to promoting comprehensive sex ed, increasing access to birth control, or even taking the time to learn how procreation works (i.e. did you know an egg is only viable for 24 hours out of every monthly cycle? That’s a lot of opportunity for pleasure for every opportunity for conception) than perhaps the “nearly one-half of women obtaining abortions [that] said they used no birth control method during the month they got pregnant.” wouldn’t be in the position to have to make this decision to begin with.

    • Hi Xilab. Of course women enjoy sex. Why else would God have made an organ devoted entirely for sexual pleasure in women? And this blogger may or may not have lead a women’s forum on sex and sexual satisfaction, in church (gasp!). No one is saying that you, or anyone, does not have the right to have sex with those you do not want to spend your life with or see in the morning. But, if you have not taken responsibility for yourself to figure out when/how sex creates life- and by that sexual encounter you create life- I and the anti-infanticide camp are against you killing that very inconvenient, and innocent, little life. And especially doing so with our tax dollars. In that situation, the man is not a victim. The woman is not a victim. That human that is being suctioned off, scraped out, or dismembered is the victim.

  22. I once had someone say to me “that you of all people should be pro-abortion BECAUSE your ex was a dead beat who didn’t pay child support.” As if my children’s life should rest upon the shoulders of being paid money. I feel woman often make this choice with the “here and now” mindset. Look at our lives now. Does it look like I should have aborted my children? Life changes constantly, what seemed hopeless or inconvenient then sure as heck doesn’t look that way now.

    Funny thing is, this person who is SO VERY PRO ABORTION is also SO VERY ANTI-DEATH PENALTY.

    • Arguments for abortion are adult-centered. What is comfortable/convenient/desirable for the adults involved? If we centered the discussion on the rights and personhood of the child, this would be an open and shut discussion. You don’t kill someone because they are disabled, or unwanted, or if there aren’t enough resources for them. (That’s the thought process that the Nazis used to justify their extermination efforts too.) Human life has dignity and worth, regardless of whether or not the child/person is damaged or unwanted.

      And you are so right about the nature of this human experience. Many who have found themselves with an unwanted pregnancy but who chose life look back at how that sacrifice to carry the child to term (whether she went on to give up her child or raise the child herself) became one of the greatest blessings of her life.

      Thanks for your comments, Lil Miss Kris! Hope you are well.

    • Boo ya Lil Miss Kris. I am so late to the party here but I had to chime in and say YES. Yes. Yes. What she said. I bet you are an excellent mother who is teaching your children well. Good on you sister.

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