Why do I blog?

Over Christmas break, my dad and I were talking about gun control (but we could have been talking about any hot-button issue).  Though we come from opposing positions, we agreed that the media and special interest groups skew much of the discussion on the subject.  It crystalized some thoughts I’ve had on blogging.

Social media in general, and blogging specifically, is where freedom of information lives.  It is not driven by independentprofit or lobbies or the desire to be re-elected.  It is frequented by those seeking voices outside the mainstream.   And there is something uniquely valuable about an individual perspective.  Why?  Because that’s where stigma dies.

I follow a wide sampling of blogs.  On my blog, readers, commenters and followers represent gay, straight, bisexuals and members of the transgender community.  It has given me an opportunity to hear their stories as told by the individuals themselves.  Though we come from different places in life it is an honor to be known by, and to know, members of the LGBTQ community.

In addition, this blog has stimulated discussion and understanding among member of my Christian community as we seek to bring love and balance to this increasingly relevant issue.

One motivation for blogging was that I didn’t know many others who were speaking balance into the gay marriage debate.  Since then, several bloggers and individuals have sharpened and inspired me in this journey.  A sampling:

  • http://www.samesexmarriage.org.au/  A research and editorial site chaired by a bisexual voice that is advocating for the sexual health of todays and tomorrows children.
  • http://stasisonline.wordpress.com/  “We bring you alternative viewpoints to what is provided on one-eyed and misleading websites.”
  • http://samesexattractions.wordpress.com/ “My goal is to share my heart, perspective and concern for those who experience unwanted same-sex attractions. At the same time, I want to provide something extra to take with you – blog keyboardinformation and resources.”

In terms of our media culture, there are many causes for pessimism.  But the blogosphere has given me hope that dialogue, critical and independent thinking, and meaningful conversation can still be found.