Pew Report Reveals Media Bias

A new Pew Research report reveals what every supporter of real, heterosexual marriage already knows full well- that all aspects of mainstream media are skewed to inflate the actual reality of public opinion in support for gay marriage.  If you are short on time you could stop after reading the title, “Far More Coverage Of Gay Marriage Cases Focused On Support Than Opposition”.

pew media bias

The Supreme Court will likely hand down decisions on two major cases regarding gay marriage this week.  Bloggers, networks and print media are abuzz with speculation over what the high court will decide and what impact it will have on the debate at large.

For me, the real story is what it has always been- that media has its opinion and that is what they report. Here, the Pew study reveals the unambiguous bias among those who are supposed to simply report the news.  Instead, media is a largely homogenous club of elites who are shaping public opinion by ignoring voices who speak against their pre-determined outcome.

The Pew report nails it:

…during the week of the hearings, when most of the coverage occurred, the media offered many profiles of the plaintiffs or members of the LGBT community with few voices of opposition mixed in.

Need a little balance?  Here ya go:

Robert Oscar Lopez, a gay man who was raised by his mother and her partner and who opposes gay marriage has been virtually shut out of mainstream media as explained by his video here.  Here he writes “Growing Up With Two Moms, the Untold Children’s View.”

Doug Mainwaring, another gay man who has testified before several state committees as they consider redefining marriage wrote, “I’m gay and I oppose same-sex marriage”. I doubt you will see his grounded and intelligent articles anywhere other than The Public Discourse.

And voices like this woman’s and others who follow her Facebook page: “We Defend Traditional Marriage- and We’re Gay.”

Before I began blogging about this topic (and because I mainly get my news from NPR) I didn’t hear of any thoughtful and articulate people who were speaking up for real marriage.  The truth is there has been, all along, a chorus of intellectual and highly qualified voices who are pecking away at the media machine which is manipulating the public in order to make gay marriage inevitable.

Given that media has already decided for America, what are supporters of real marriage to do?  What say you, reader?

6 thoughts on “Pew Report Reveals Media Bias

  1. “Given that media has already decided for America, what are supporters of real marriage to do”

    Continue to get married, because your marriage don’t become less legal by allowing gays to legally do it as well.

  2. Finally, a blog post of yours that I agree with – isn’t it great that the media is finally giving a marginalized section of our community a voice!

  3. I can’t help but think that inflating the numbers might actually convince people to get on the bandwagon and then artificially affect the percentages of “public opinion.”

  4. A blogger in Australia, Bill Muehlenberg, recently published a post about a story that should have hit the front page of every media producer but didn’t. Be wary, the report is sickening. (CultureWatch reports many stories that the mainstream media doesn’t because of fear/political correctness.)
    It’s interesting that the ABC didn’t mention details about the offender’s partner.
    The Age put it in, seemingly as an incidental detail, halfway down in the story.
    Like negative stories involving Muslims, the PC media is terrified to report anything that could upset the worldview of their readers/ editors/ owners/ lobbyists etal, in which your view is ok – as long as they say so.

    • Troy, I read that several days ago. And the story has stuck with me, as it should with us all. I have also been doing some reading by children of surrogates (by which I think this child was brought to this gay couple) and the increased distress that added to their lives. (I think it’s fascinating that the judge didn’t want it to go to trial so as to spare the jury from the disturbing evidence. That feels like saying “I don’t want to upset anybody by having them look at the horrors of slavery of the holocaust.”)

      Like the Gosnell case, your links above (and the attempts to hide the story as ABC did when they yanked their original profile of the two men adopting after these revelations) so clearly reveal that elites within media are not after simply reporting the news. They are actively attempting to shape public opinion by suppressing some voices/stories and elevating/inflating others.

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