“Spanking For Jesus”

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What began as a sensational little tidbit in The Daily Beast now, predictably, has fueled Christian-hating bloggers to gleefully announce “Latest trend in Christianity: Beating Your Wife for Jesus” and “Hot New Trend: Spanking for Jesus.”  Until two days ago, I had never heard of this miniscule subculture that practices what they term “Christian Domestic Discipline.”  Supposedly, CDD calls for complete, forced submission of wives to their husbands who can discipline them through various forms of corporal punishment for breaking any of paddlethe husband’s “rules”- back talk, rolling of eyes, disrespect, etc.  Now, the story has been picked up by several bloggers who are portraying it as some kind of new Christian trend. Funny, this sounds a whole lot like BDSM to me. If this is true, sado masochists are actually faithful Christians? The rabbit hole is deep on this one people.

In all seriousness, I couldn’t read through any of the details about this “practice” without feeling nauseated.  I am aware of no verse in scripture (because there is none) which prescribes that a husband “discipline” his wife.  (You CAN find it in the Quran however. I excitedly await these bloggers’ diatribes on the evils of Islam. But I digress.) In the Bible, Paul speaks on how “The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife.”  (1 Cor 7:4)  While scripture prescribes headship of the family to husbands, the form of that headship is leadership coupled with sacrifice and servant hood.   (Col 3:19, 1 Peter 3:7, Eph 5:33)  When scripture speaks of submission, both in terms of our submission to Christ and that of a wife to her husband, it is always voluntary, and therefore an act of love.  Any “Christian” that advocates for some kind of forced submission should confronted by every biblically-literate believer (and a paddle).

The glaring issue with these bloggers labeling CDD a “new trend” in Christianity is that they would like for you to believe that this is somehow accepted by the mainstream faithful. What a low opinion these people must have of your intellect. It is akin to your friendly Bigot using the example of gay men leading their partner around by a chain threaded through his nose as something that mainstream gays and lesbians embrace.  Neither of these subcultures reflects the majority within those groups.

Mostly this mischaracterization is a transparent and pathetic attempt to smear Christians by painting the faithful with the brush of the crazy few. Are we really that stupid? Is there any intellectual honesty amongst such anti-Christian types or are they just void of reason? This kind of sensationalism undermines their limited at best credibility. New trend. Please. There are Christians everywhere. Are you seeing a bunch of Christian women bruised and battered on their way to church these days? Me either. And I can assure you, there is plenty of “disobedience” afoot.

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  1. Some websites and other media sources do continually portray conservative Christians as illogical. I suspect that there is a cumulative effect for consumers of those media, leading to them regarding conservative Christians as being nuts. It’s particularly sad for youngsters in regions without any reputable Christians, who simply trust that the demonised portrayal that they see, is a balanced portrayal.

    • The answer is what it always has been, I guess- defy the stereotypes. So that stories such as these must be dismissed even just because of the witness of a few.

  2. If I understand, you are highlighting some dumbass religion for a narrow interpretation of scripture…… It is hard to see your own faults isn’t it.

    • “Narrow interpretation” you say, understanding of course that you imply my interpretation of God’s opposition to homosexual conduct to be narrow. (Word to the reader, this is Tapman’s consistent objection.) To substantiate your assertion that my interpretation is narrow, please provide a verse (to counter several verses within scripture that explicitly condemn homosexual practice) that proves God’s affirmation of gay sex. If you have none, please don’t bother to have us spend our time rehashing your frustration with orthodoxy… again.

  3. I truly can not imagine living and bringing my children up where people roll their eyes and ridicule the faith of “The Greatest Generation” who fought for liberty, our “Founding Fathers,” and our “Church Fathers.” Where does this hatred even come from? For people who “feel so superior” to look with disdain at the “idiots” who drink the cool-aid and believe the fairy-tale. Well, I have a doctorate, and most of my close friends are professionals; I suppose we’re all naive dolts. Sure we are, as were two thousand years of theologians, some of which were absolutely brilliant. Narrow interpretation? Peter’s interpretation has survived 2000 years. Feels pretty holistic and inclusive to me. But it’s clearly not for everyone – one either chooses to live by the teachings or not to. Guess I am naive, but it feels like we’re the ones being excluded, and ridiculed. Isn’t that bullying? Or is Bill Maher and his arrogant spew loving and inclusive? Maybe it’s me who’s narrow minded.

    • Indeed. This country is changing. We will have to fight harder, and abide more deeply in Christ than previous generations of believers ever have. For those who are willing to be honest (which I’ve come to realize will seldom be aided by mainstream media) they will hopefully see more devout, apologetically-oriented, merciful, and theologically-grounded Christians than ever before. The number of “Christians” may grow smaller because of this sifting, but those who remain will be stronger.

      I appreciate your comment about your degree. I don’t have it in front of me, but in his book The Triumph of Christianity, sociologist Rodney Stark discusses the myth that intellectuals are largely secular. He cites research on, I believe, the physical sciences which shows that the higher the level of degree attained, the more likely that the professional identifies as religious. There is something to studying and understanding the constants and design of the physical world that seems to correlate with a spiritual response.

      In terms of inclusiveness, it is hard to find a statement from another major world religion that EVERY nation, tribe, and language will be represented in the Kingdom of God, and that your standing before God will not depend on gender, race, or age. The gate is narrow, but the invitation is to all.

  4. This spanking stuff is ridiculous. The Bible says we are to honor not obey.
    For a husband to spank his wife, makes her equal to a child. Obviously if two become one she should reciprocate and return the favor when he steps out of line, and trust me , he will . 🙂 He is man not God.
    Great men and great leaders lead by example. Some things like this are so crazy and make no sense whatsoever. People today are obviously desperate to be noticed no matter how odd the behavior.

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