My friend Todd Herman was filling in for Ben Shapiro today on 770 KTTH.  He asked me to be his guest.  We talked about changing the tone on the gay marriage discussion.  For those who have been following askthebigot for a while, there’srecording microphone not much new here.  It was a heavy dose of love-your-gay-neighbor, and of course I gave a shout-out to all my wonderful readers. (WOOT!)

I would love to take each one of you out for coffee, get to know you and chat.  But because of constraints on time and distance (and honestly some of you cannot be trusted in public) perhaps the audio from this interview will do?

Ben Shapiro show with Todd Herman, February 27, 3:00

Once you have a listen, let me know if that voice inside your head has been mine all along.  😉



14 thoughts on “HearTheBigot

  1. Was really disappointed today when I heard Ben Shapiro was out for the day … and then I had a chance to hear you being interviewed. The show was great. Actually the show had its ups and downs, but your interview was great.

    • Thanks Bryan! Very sweet. I don’t know about a radio show, but Frau M and I are considering doing a podcast sometime. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I recently listened to your interview on the radio concerning gay people and their conflicts. I am so very much behind your beliefs and I am thankful to my God for putting you, your beliefs and passions in my path. It is hard for me to believe how close I am with your beliefs on this subject. Thanks again and go girl!

  3. Concerning your radio appearance, thank you for eloquently and lovingly representing my point of view. I am so weary of the vitriolic discourse on this issue. I am tired of being accused of bigotry if I disagree because I have strongly held beliefs based on the Bible. I struggle with this issue because I have a family member who is gay. I try my best to stand for what I know to be truth in a loving thoughtful way. My desire is to live my faith, to love and serve others in humility as Christ did. It hurts to lumped into a group as a hater or bigot. The hate I see most often comes from the intolerant people who take the position that if you don’t agree with them, you not only are wrong… you are a bigot, a hater and a religious fanatic. Thanks again Ask Me for being a voice of love in this conversation.

  4. I enjoyed hearing the program live. It was my first encounter with either you or Todd, and I enjoyed hearing from both of you.
    I’m struck by how you need to be cautious about sharing your identity in order to speak openly, knowing that many “tolerant people” are passionately intolerant of positions that differ from their own. (It’s like the “Pro Choice” people who only support the same choice they do.) Thanks for giving voice to the genuinely tolerant majority!

    • Wow. Thanks for your kind words. You’ve spoken true- the Christians that I know have no qualms including gay people in their lives even though they disagree with gay marriage. Many, like myself before I was blogging, rarely voiced their opinions opting to instead just love their friends with words and deeds. They are a picture of true tolerance. On that subject, this page may interest you: https://askthebigot.com/what-is-a-bigot-anyway/

      Thank you again for stopping by!

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