Building Bridges

Pink Agendist and I have been emailing one another for the past few days.  I hope to share much of our conversation with you all in the near future.

Dear readers, we must resist the urge to see those who disagree with us as all one reconcileshade of red.  (Some are Pink, after all.)  It is amazing what a few exchanges on the person-to-person level can accomplish.

He writes: “Kindness, generosity and understanding should always precede their antonyms. One should always, always, be prepared to sit with others to listen to what they have to say.  That’s how true progress is made and how we learn to make room for each other in this very eclectic world.”

More to come on this, I pray.





11 thoughts on “Building Bridges

  1. I think this is the point where we’re going to have to remember that training at school when we’d get under our desks in case of certain emergencies…

      • Agreed, but this presumes that we share in common the idea of co-existence, respect, and dignity for all diverse humans. History is filled with examples of those who do not. It is intrinsic to some worldviews. I am grateful for those who exercise it apart from any objective grounding for human equality and value.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and it appears you are a prolific writer. You write often about your gay and lesbian friends and state in your bio that your mother is a lesbian. Is there anything on here from their point of you?

  3. Thanks Katy,

    I appreciate your thoughts. We can at times allow our desire to make a point drown out our compassion.

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