6 thoughts on “Grace & Truth- Always in Style

  1. I so agree with this post. Sometimes it feels as if there is only one extreme or the other, the church implying that sex is bad, or pop culture promoting sex 24/7.

    Something I’d like to see is sex presented as something good, awesome, fabulous in a spiritual context within marriage. It’s not just about making children, but building intimacy, spirituality, a deeper relationship with Christ. It also apparently reverses aging, ah ha! Anyway it’s a very difficult thing to teach because I don’t think very many of us fully understand it ourselves. Sex outside of marriage makes it so much more difficult to ever achieve these benefits, because it really interferes with the natural design of things.

    • Oh you said it so well! What if we talked more about that? As Christian parents, teaching our children not just the WHAT but the WHY behind it. The impact and understanding triples when they can answer that question.

    • Insanity, yes. When we talked about sex, that included married sex. We talked about how within marriage it is a gift to husband, wife, and the products of their union- the children. I may or may not have said that Christians should be having GREAT sex (and lots of it) because God designed sex to be a unifying and strengthening blessing to marriage. Sex is not “god”- on whose alter we should sacrifice every other aspect of our life. Neither is it “gross”- something to speak about in hushed and ashamed tones. It is a “gift” given to us from a loving Father who desires wholeness and health for everyone in the family.

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