20 thoughts on “Facebook Rules of Engagement

  1. I think if your god is so great he should contact Zuckerberg and start his…oops sorry, His own Facebook page.

    I wonder if He would allow one to un-friend Him?

    What do you think his FB photo would look like?

      • Really? Got a link?
        And what’s his…darn there I go again..sorry. His profile pic like?

        Oh, and you should open up your own blog rather than be all mysterious. I’d come an visit. I promise.

  2. I really enjoy your articles. This one especially speaks to me because I can be a total coward at times and I often find myself pulled into conversations (by my own stubborness) on Facebook with the full intent of being kind and loving but inevitably, after some time, my wit becomes sarcasm and my sarcasm becomes snark. I then pull myself from the conversation because I’ve missed up my witness so badly that no one will listen to me anymore. I have no idea where the need to make people feel awful when they disagree with me comes from, but it is something I am praying about and really trying to change.

    • Man, I hear you. If I were to ever delude myself into thinking that I had been fully sanctified, all I would need is to be attacked on a blog or FB thread to see that my old nature is alive and well. My involuntary response is to use the same tactics as my opponents- belittle their intelligence, call into question their integrity, identify the greatest flaws in the lives of those who claim to agree with them. So usually I cannot respond immediately. It takes a few moments (or hours) to “put on the new self” (Eph 4:22-24) and respond in a way that values the person without shrinking back from the argument. If it’s any help, I find that the way to do this effectively is to attack ideas and scrutinize principles only, and not bring up anything specific about someone’s personal situation. This is challenging, because the motivation for much of what drives these discussions has an emotional element. Godspeed, friend. Thanks for commenting.

      • No no, my dear. This is not about intellect. Ark has had his over-developed cranium on display in every stitch of this thread. He’s a smarty and no one is denying it.

        Not like this then?

        Oooh, call the burn unit… 😉

          • Compliment? From you, really?
            For shame, I must have misjudged that spikey somewhat ascerbic exterior. I had not realised it covered a sugar-and-spice-and-all-things-nice-Jesus wants-me-for-a-sunbeam interior.
            Tell me, do have trouble removing those wooden splinters from your bottom after spending all that time riding around on your broomstick?

            Kiss and makeup?

          • Hmmm… Make up- wouldn’t that be nice. Kiss- not so much.

            The great thing about having you around, Ark, is I get lots of opportunities to practice what I preach.

          • The term, kiss and make up was meant in a metaphorical sense. Although for a Stone God, I am told I am a pretty good kisser.

            The great thing about having you around, Ark, is I get lots of opportunities to practice what I preach.

            Well you definitely need lots of practice that’s for sure.

    • This happens to me, too. Looks like I’m in excellent company. It’s human nature to give snark for snark. And, of course, some people live on snark. It speaks well of you, dmhenry, that you can look at your weakness and see it for what it is. A priest once told me that being able to recognize your weakness and (gasp!) even be able to admit it takes you more than halfway there to turning it into a strength. There is just something so strong about humility 😉

      As AskMe would say, Godspeed! You’re not alone in the fight 🙂

    • I know. I have the Twitter name reserved, but honestly I feel like Twitter has an element of self promotion. ( maybe I don’t fully understand the function of Twitter.) And I don’t know how to reconcile that with the believer’s call to focus attention on Christ and not yourself. Not to mention, I am committed to fielding comments and allowing anyone to contribute to the conversation. And I don’t know if I can manage any extra traffic. Does that make sense? Thoughts?

      • For me I think Twitter is a great way to do just that: Focus attention on Christ by interacting and building up others. I haven’t been on it very long (I tried it once before but never got the hang of it until a few weeks ago). I share quotes that I think share God’s truth (a lot by C.S. Lewis etc) but also I just share parts of my day and show interest in other people’s day. I feel that being part of the church body is to share life with others in a hope that they too share life in return.

        I think your blog gets more traffic than mine so I don’t have to worry about the extra traffic!

        Don’t laugh when you find I’m your first follower on Twitter.

  3. I have a Twitter name, too, although I’ve forgotten it long ago. I’d follow you on Twitter, but it’s not my preferred social media and I think it would be extra work to field the comments….you already get many!

    Ultimately, though, your choice and I’d gladly follow you anywhere 🙂

  4. This is a truly unique perspective. I’ve gotten myself into several rather heated conversations on Facebook and other forums trying to push back on the perception that defense of biblical marriage does not stem from bigotry, and trying to point out that Christ’s love is all-inclusive of persons but not all-inclusive of behaviors and lifestyles. At the same time, I am aware that I myself have failed to take seriously Christ’s demands on my own life. So this blog speaks powerfully to me on both fronts. Thank you for your hard work in this area, and if you can spare a thought pray that the Lord will give me the strength to fully commit to him!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I think you have nailed it. That whenever we speak out on any issue, we have to be able to look honestly at ourselves and recognize that we too fall drastically short of God’s expectations for us. These topics must always be approached with deep humility. And I certainly have room to grow there as well. I will pray for you friend, if you pray for me also.

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