Insufferably Wordy- and her sidekick comical introduction


Repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

One of the most annoying things for me in my great, impressive, immensely important blogging life (that is a funny joke, right there) is that I feel like I am saying the same thing ad nauseam. This is not an unfamiliar feeling for me because I also have a tendency to do this in my not so immensely impressive and important regular life. Just ask my four kids.


When I am thinking these very middle class thoughts I find the nearest settee, throw the back of my un-manicured hand to my forehead and elegantly collapse, all the while wailing miserably that I simply cannot force myself to do it anymore. No one cares! It. Is. L O S T.


After a meltdown of such magnitude it always happens that a new or even long-time reader is put in my path (to Starbucks most likely) who is shocked to hear me say something that I feel like I constantly repeat.  It does a girl of my age wonders to know that she is still capable of shocking, itellyouwhat.


When I began this odyssey, I wrote loooooong, serious, wrinkle inducing, brow furrowing  posts.  Oh man were they tedious. Then, someone with experience and interest took pity on me and advised that I keep my posts short and pithy because that’s what people liked and would be most willing to read.  This was freeing and I immediately hopped on that short attention span train because my life has a lot more to do with making soup, eating Bon Bons, finding matching socks, cleaning up vomit, carpools, luxuriating for hours in the bath with the WSJ and praying with friends than it does with blogging. So. 400-800 words? Roger that.


That said. Strap in for the long haul on this here post brothers and sisters. I have had some time on my hands lately and I needed me some brow furrowing.  I was looking a bit on the young and carefree side and we simply cannot have too much of that, so, I decided on a dose of suffering and I couldn’t think of a better place for it.


If there is one thing that wrankles me most about this “debate” it is the use of shallow, emotionally based one-liners designed to stifle genuine conversation. This is a tactic engaged in by both camps and it is both unattractive and pedestrian. It also does everyone a disservice. So, because I am very attractive and authoritative, I gift to you a one-stop-shopping-style post on what I believe about gay marriage. It’s so dang comprehensive I even gave it its own page. See? Up there with The Big Boys in the headings? Welcome to the party “Gay Marriage” Woot!


You will notice one of its neighbors is titled Rules of Engagement. If you are new here please do give her a quick visit before commenting. I would hate to have to gently scold you on our first encounter. I do enough scolding of those kids I mentioned. You know, the ones that I repeat everything to, over and again? One of my favorite repeats is “Does anybody have to go potty?” Maybe you should ask yourself that too because Gay Marriage is going to be like that long car ride to Grandma’s house.  That, and my posts sometimes cause panties to bunch and that is never pleasant when one also needs to tinkle.



*Note: Frau M virtually wrote this post- you can thank her for the levity.  You can see my dry-and-heavy style more reflected in the Gay Marriage page.  I really need to give her the status of Author, for such times as this.



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  1. As I recall, Jesus repeated himself on more than one occasion, friend, so I think you’re in good company. And levity is fine, indeed it’s necessary, but to compliment the recipe, not as the main ingredient 😉

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